How To Work Smarter Not Harder

Published date: 15/03/2024
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Top productivity tips from some of the world’s most successful people.


Working smarter, not harder, is a timeless mantra that has guided many successful high-flyers toward achieving their goals. At Pullman Sydney Olympic Park, we are here to help you be your most productive, with 6 luxury multifunctional conference and meeting spaces to help you seamlessly bring exceptional corporate events to life.


In this post, we’re sharing our top productivity tips to help you maximise efficiency, no matter what you do or the industry you work in. Plus, we’re sharing these tips through the lens of some of our favourite entrepreneurs, for an extra dose of inspiration.


Let’s dive in.


Embrace Prioritisation and Focus


Warren Buffett: Known for his focus on priorities, Buffett suggests creating a list of your top 25 goals and then focusing on the top five while setting the others aside. This principle emphasises the importance of prioritisation by helping you identify the most crucial tasks and then give them your full attention.


Productivity Tip: Use the Eisenhower Box technique to categorise tasks into four quadrants based on urgency and importance. Then, focus on the important and urgent tasks first, while delegating or eliminating the less crucial ones.


Leverage Technology Wisely


Elon Musk: The founder of Tesla and SpaceX believes the secret to productivity lies in leveraging technology to simplify your work processes. Musk emphasises the significance of automation and tools that enhance efficiency.


Productivity Tip: Explore productivity apps and tools like project management software, time-tracking apps, or automation tools tailored to your industry. They can streamline tasks, minimise manual efforts, and boost productivity. Some of our favourite apps include Trello, Motion, Zapier and Todoist.


Optimise Time Management


Bill Gates: The co-founder of Microsoft advocates for effective time management. Gates suggests blocking out specific chunks of time for tasks and avoiding multitasking at all costs in order to maintain focus.


Productivity Tip: Practice time blocking by allocating dedicated time slots for specific tasks. While you are focusing on a particular task, turn off notifications on your phone and laptop so that you do not become distracted. This technique ensures focused attention on a single task at a time.


Incorporate Strategic Rest and Breaks


Arianna Huffington: The co-founder of The Huffington Post preaches the importance of rest and breaks. She promotes the idea that sleep and downtime are essential for overall productivity and wellbeing.


Productivity Tip: Implement the Pomodoro Technique, working for 25 minutes and taking a 5-minute break. Repeat this cycle to maintain productivity while allowing short, rejuvenating breaks throughout the day.


Cultivate Effective Communication


Steve Jobs: The late co-founder of Apple was known for his attention to detail and effective communication skills. Clear communication and concise meetings were crucial in Apple's success.


Productivity Tip: Promote clear and concise communication within your organisation. Structure meetings with specific agendas, ensuring everyone understands their roles and objectives to maximise efficiency.


Embrace Continuous Learning


Mark Zuckerberg: The CEO of Meta (formerly Facebook) believes in continuous learning and adapting to new challenges. Zuckerberg promotes the importance of staying curious and evolving.


Productivity Tip: Dedicate time for personal and professional growth. Allocate a portion of your schedule for learning new skills or staying updated with industry trends to remain agile and competitive.