How brain food could help you dominate at corporate events

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Take advantage of all your potential. Brain Food is essential to give the best of yourself in a meeting.

Have you ever sat at a meeting or a corporate event struggling to keep your eyes open, struggling to find the mental concentration to follow what the speaker is saying? Of course you have, everyone has experienced this. But are you aware that the foods you consume before or during a meeting can seriously affect how your body and mind react? 

As we all know eating right is the key to a healthy and happy body, but the mind is equally important and requires healthy food which is nutrient dense to keep it at optimal performance. Food is fuel that regulates our energy and mood, you shouldn’t use wine to power your car, just as you shouldn’t consume sugar to power you.

5 Best brain foods that increase productivity and concentration

Here are some of the best brain foods that will keep your colleagues and followers in the best possible mental state. Whether brain food snacks or full menus, we are on hand to deliver the best brain food for corporate events.

1.    Blueberries: Studies show that blueberries can increase concentration for up to 5 hours. This is due to the antioxidants keeping the brain clean and fresh. So even the longest meeting events can benefit from snacking on blueberries. Source.

2.    Green Tea: Green tea is an excellent source of natural caffeine that slowly releases energy, as opposed to coffee there is no sudden crash. It is also full of antioxidants which helps keep the brain and blood clean and creates a calming effect on the body, allowing people to relax and absorb information.

3.    Avocados: Often referred to as a superfood, avocados are amazingly good for your health. They provide a whole host of vitamins and fatty acids that keep all the organs working at their very best. 

4.    Leafy Green Vegetables: People don’t just mention these all the time because they like saying the words, leafy green vegetables are paramount in keeping your brain and body in tip top condition. They have many vitamins and antioxidants, which include B vitamins. These are proven to help memory, focus and overall brain health.

5.    Water: This may seem like an obvious choice, but you would be surprised how many people forget to hydrate. With the body mostly being water, staying hydrated is one of the fundamental ways to increase concentration and productivity.

When planning your next corporate event in Sydney, consider using us. With the best corporate facilities, a fully customizable menu that is delivered by a first class chef and a hotel located in the business area of Olympic park, we can help you deliver the focused meeting you have always wanted.

Choosing the right brain food can make or break your attitude and mental performance at a corporate event. Here at Pullman Sydney we understand this, that is why whenever you choose to use our fully equipped meeting rooms we offer a complete menu from our Bacar Restaurant that includes healthy dietary options that can be tailored to any taste. Our executive chef Ben Nichols can create the brain boosting menu that will help you focus, retain information, but above all, dominate.